Contribute our technical skills to this major world problem

Recycle metal and auto parts are valuable as resources.
Japanese cars are kept in good condition,and the old cars are evaluated as high quality recycling products. Our collects used cars from throughout Japan.

We are dedicated to substantially diminishing world pollutions

Since we started are business in Kyoto.We dispose of about 10,000 units old cars a year,and are trusted by our customers. We consider this problem as important as disposal of Freon,and work carefully to attain our goal. We take pride in producing the best products on the market.

We export top quality recycling goods to all over the world

We export from port of Kyushu.The exporting countries include Asia,the Middle East, and Africa. These countries come to Japan and supply information about what parts and resources they need. Consequently we can provide the most necessary products for their country.

Main customer

United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Iraq, Malaysia, Philippines, Jordan, Mauritius, Tanzania, Russia, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Chile, Syria, Algeria, Australia etc..